Scivation Xtend Quake 10.0 Pre Workout Powder | Stimulant Free | Lemon Drop | 20 Servings


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Quake 10.0 is the ultimate pre-workout supplement with ingredients that will rock your workout.

Xtend BCAAs: QUAKE packs a 2:1:1 ratio of 7 grams of gains stimulating Xtend BCAAs. QUAKE’s blend of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine helps stimulate the mTOR pathway of muscle protein synthesis while optimizing energy metabolism, helping you burn fat and preserve muscle mass during your cutting phase.

Capros: Unlike most pre-workouts, QUAKE contains Capros, which facilitates more oxygen delivery to working muscles – for a ground-rupturing muscle pump throughout your workout – and an efficient delivery of nutrient rich blood to the muscles for greater gains. Capros ensures your muscles can gorge on anabolic nutrients for a devastating performance and mega gains during your workout.

NO3 T: Arginine Nitrate delivers a sustained NO release ensuring your skin-splitting pump endures throughout your workout.

PEAKO2: No more reeling off cheap reps! At QUAKE’s inner core is PeakO2, which will help boost your power output, improve exercise capacity, and increase your time-to-exhaustion, which is why QUAKE is the go-to pre for both endurance and strength athletes alike. Also, PeakO2 has been tested in the lab (by real scientists) and in the gym.

AstraGin: A dose of QUAKE helps promote the health supporting benefits of AstraGin like immune system support, and improved bioavailability of nutrients. Good overall health is essential for recovery and performance, as it’s hard to kill it in the gym when you aren’t feeling well.

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine neurally charges you, helping to increase your deep focus during stressful events, so you’re ready to combat any challenge. Whether you’re getting ready for competition or grinding out another grueling session, QUAKE’s mind-bending amount of L-Tyrosine will help you stay sharp in the clutch and power through!

L-Theanine: QUAKE will send tremors through the gym, but it won’t give you the jitters. L-Theanine is a nonessential amino acid that provides a calm, cool focus without the jitters, or that seismic crash. L-Theanine also works synergistically with caffeine acting to enhance its positive benefits while reducing those gnarly side effects.

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline provides a steady, sustained increase in blood arginine, helping you achieve massive muscle pumps late into your workout, and increasing recovery time between sets so that you can smash more weights.

L-Carnitine: QUAKE drops the hammer on fatigue, with a dose of LCLT, helping your muscles burn fuel efficiently, resist fatigue and reduce performance-hindering muscle damage that can sometimes stick with you for days (a.k.a. “the Doms”). QUAKE’s LCLT blend will help preserve carbohydrate stores so you can maintain peak intensity all the way to the end of your gym-destroying workout.

Epic Earth-Shaking Pre-Workout Formula!

Focus, Energy, Strength, and Size!

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