Cellucor SuperHD For Weight Loss Combo Kit | Razor & Fire 4 Week Supply | Water 2 Week Supply


  • $59.99

  • SuperHD Fire and SuperHD Razor are the ultimate diet pills supplement for burning fat.
  • SuperHD Fire will help you stay sharp with Nootropics like Huperzine A and Bacopa Monnieri, traditionally used to enhance cognitive performance, while also giving the thermogenic effects of Capsimax® and activating the weight loss properties of clinically studied Dyglofit™.
  • SuperHD Razor has clinically researched Tonalin CLA ( Conjugated linoleic acid from Safflower oil ) along with Synetrim CQ, and Carnitine Tartrate to make a fat cutting formula that leans you out by decreasing the number and size of fat cells present in the body, but also helps preserve lean muscle mass and controls hunger.
  • SuperHD Water has a very unique blend of five herbal extracts along with vitamin C and potassium which can be lost when urinary output in increased.These properties temporarily help expel the water found under your skin making you look more defined.

SuperHD Fire is a daily two-stage weight-loss supplement that supports your needs with custom morning and afternoon formulations. Cellucor's innovative formulas are designed to support fat loss, help increase metabolism, suppress your appetite and optimize your performance and well-being.

SuperHD Razor: Why SuperHD Razor? With clinically researched Tonalin CLA, you’re adding a very specific ratio of fatty acids to your regimen to help with energy metabolism.  Add multi-patented and clinically tested Synetrim CQ into the mix and you’ve added an ingredient that can help inhibit the absorption of fat and help preserve lean muscle.

SuperHD Water: Getting shredded just got a whole lot easier thanks to SuperHD Water! You’ve put in the time. You’ve suffered in the gym. You’ve skipped cheat meals.  All that’s left is a small film of water keeping you from revealing the most insane physique you’ve ever achieved.  Seven days is all you need to go from lean to chiseled.  Put the finishing touch on your physique through the help of SuperHD Water. SuperHD Water when used as a standalone product or when combined with SuperHD Fire and SuperHD Razor can yield the fat reducing results you desire.

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